CRR 1 Favorite Book


My favorite book is The Rule Of  Three written by Eric Walters.  This is my favorite book because it was written in such great detail and it had lots of twists and turns.

This book is about kids that are at school and suddenly all the power goes out.  The computers are dead, the lights are dead, phones are dead, even cars are dead.  Only the old cars are working, they did not have any kind of computers or technology in them.  The entire town is out of power.  No one knows if any other towns or even if the whole country is out of power.  School was ended and people walked home.  Adam, one of the main characters, has an old car so he gives Lori and Todd a ride home.  Adam’s mom is a police officer and Adam’s neighbor is weird.  They must come together to save the town.  It is the fight for power.

This book has a second and a third book in the series.  This book is a great book to read if you are looking for a love story and an action novel with lots of adventure mixed in.  Eric Walters is a great author and writes great novels.  He has written a book called Shattered.

The Rule of Three has a title that connects to me.  The Rule of Three is in reference to the survival saying or rule that goes like this:

  • 3 minutes without air
  • 3 days without water
  • 3 weeks without food

I like to go hiking and backpacking,  so I need to know this to survive in a survival situation.  This book has lots of little connections in it as well.  Adam is a person that wants to fight the cause and not let it happen.  When the other neighborhood tries to take over Adams with force he and the neighbors fought back.  He would not let them take over his neighborhood.

That is why The Rule Of  Three is my favorite book ever.


Hey this is my first blog and I just want to say hi.  The title real football is in reference to American football.  I prefer to watch college football Over the National Football League or NFL for short because NFL is just a bunch of over paid old dudes running around.  But in college it is young interested non-paid football players that are very athletic and fast and hit hard.